Account Management


Suitably Trained Labour


Chemicals And Materials

Service Levels

Mint Valeting Ltd is pleased to confirm that we are able to provide the supply of valeting services as detailed to the Mint Valeting Limited.
This will include

  • Account Management
  • Suitably Trained Labour
  • Chemicals And Materials
  • Plant And Equipment
  • Work Wear

Plant and Equipment

Unlike most of our competitors we provide eco-friendly equipment including hot water pressure steam cleaning machines

A list of equipment for supply to each site is detailed below:

  • pressure washers
  • vacuum cleaners
  • upholstery cleaners
  • hand tools
  • In addition, any other equipment identified as necessary during site visits. All equipment will be supplied and maintained by Mint Valeting.

    Account Management

    The account team for Mint Valeting is detailed below. Operatives at each site will report to an on-site Team Leader, who in turn reports as follows.

  • Operations Managers
  • Directors
  • Mint Valeting Limited will enjoy permanent team leaders; in addition to daily visits by Area Managers to ensure smooth day to day operations, who will be supported by an Area Supervisor (known as ‘floaters’ in our industry) who at notice will provide additional support in the event of any unforeseen problems and ensure a speedy resolution. Directors usually make regular unannounced visits to compliment Area Managers and constant liaison with your management team, so to ‘nip any problems in the bud’. Rather than reacting, we always anticipate and provide staff and forward manage - this is achieved by Area Managers interacting with relevant staff to ascertain level of vehicles to be cleaned usually carried out at close of play. This is key and helps us manage the work load accordingly.

    As with our other accounts we will ensure that all valeting operations are managed by us, and not by Mint Valeting.
  • Our service will include the provision and maintenance of capital equipment. Unlike our competitors we will provide all necessary fuel and bulk chemicals in order to give our customers all inclusive prices with no additional or hidden costs. Provision of all specialised equipment, chemicals and materials comply with all COSHH requirements.
  • All operators will wear uniforms and will have the necessary safety work wear.
  • All uniforms will be provided by Mint Valeting at no extra cost to you.
  • For extra security all valeters will be provided with LANYARDS to eliminate car theft and also loss of keys.
  • We have an online computing system,’CONNECTED’, which replaces the traditional docket system; this will enable various departments to issue cleaning instructions and track progress directly from the comfort of your PC. See Appendix A for reference
  • Benefits

  • Easy to use web-based interface accessible anywhere
  • Assign, prioritise and track jobs by individual valeters
  • Analyse work history by vehicle, valeters and department
  • Automated invoicing and reporting
  • Will eliminate duplication of valets
  • Paperless system
  • Valeting Process

    As part of our dedication and our ever increasing search for quality perfection, we have set out certain processes which we expect our valeters to strictly adhere to.

  • All valeters have been issued with comprehensive valet specifications for new, used, site maintenance and service washes
  • All cars valeted are quality checked by our in-house team leader/quality controller, a check sheet issued, copy left in the car, and filed copy should the need be for any future reference.
  • Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) and Quality Deliverance

    As part of our dedication and our ever increasing search for quality perfection, we have set out certain processes which we expect our valeters to strictly adhere to.

  • With our big focus on Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI), and quality deliverance, we currently have incentives in place where we set targets for the operators. We work very closely with the operators and also liaise with Service Team to achieve high CSI scores. This is extremely important to help the operators understand the signifance of CSI and the key role they play in customer satisfaction, whilst feeling enthusiastic, being part of the Mint Valeting culture, work ethics and making the customer the main focal point and delivery premium service always.
  • In recognising the need to achieve high level of Customer Satisfaction and as part of monitoring the level of quality service and help in our managing process we encourage to have weekly meetings with departmental managers to discuss and complete Mint Valeting Customer Satisfaction Report (CSR) See Appendix B.We hope data gathered from these reports can then be used to compare performance and quality with Mint Valeting generated CSI.
  • Quality Control List - all New and Used cars currently have a Quality Control Form completed. See Appendix G.
  • Teamwork

    We at Mint Valeting believe very strongly in teamwork, motivation, quality, service excellence and the personal development of our team. Our operators work as a team and are encouraged to integrate themselves with the dealership becoming part of the larger organisation to ensure a positive work environment and ‘one team’ team.

    We will recommend where possible our Team Leader attend staff meetings maintaining teamwork and enhancing the communications between the valeters, service and sales, ensuring consistent service delivery guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Our aim is to achieve smooth continuous quality driven finished product for the customer. Where possible and appropriate we encourage our operators to interact with customers and feel comfortable doing so; again playing and feeling part.

    Development of valeters

    It’s evident that Mint Valeting has a very strong positive team and customer service and satisfaction is of the utmost importance. It may be beneficial if our operators could attend one of the Mint Valeting Customer service development courses to help them develop and understand Mint Valeting culture.

  • Look at any courses offered by Mint Valeting to develop customer service skills
  • Have 1-2-1 meetings with valeters, discussing their working environment and ways of improving to ensure better communication across board.
  • Continuation of KPI’s for the valeters
  • KPI - Key Performance Indicator
  • Attitude
  • Appearance
  • Timekeeping
  • Work Ethics
  • INCENTIVES - Reward consistent hard work and excellent KPI results Bonuses Team events (i.e. football match with Mint Valeting staff)